Meanwhile, at the Darwin Derby

imagesWhile Washington, D.C., holds its collective breath waiting for the next round of the Supremes game, anyone who really wants to catch up on events in the Darwin Derby need only click over to the blog of the omnipresent Ted Olsen, Rob Moll & Co. at Christianity Today. They have decided to call this the "Unintelligently Designed Edition" and, yes, its 300-plus links sprawl out -- but in a way that is not random or impersonal. Even a quick glance through the dozens of links on the evolution wars will demonstrate that the MSM remains at a total loss when it comes to describing the beliefs of the various groups involved in this story. Some people are trying to stick with the smart scientists vs. stupid religion people framework -- "evolution" vs. "creationism" -- but there are so many people on both sides of the debate who do not want to play along.

Evolution? Is that "micro" or "macro"? Is there such a thing as "theistic" evolution and, if so, did or does the God of that camp have anything to do with creation? And creationists? "Young earth" or "change over time"? Scan the articles yourself. The Associated Press Stylebook committee needs to call an emergency meeting.

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