Cruising the Times for a ghost?

I have a question about the following story in The New York Times. Is there a ghost in this journalistic visit to a Queens parking lot? A snapshot:

One recent evening, a half-dozen mothers stood chatting, waiting for their children to finish soccer. A stone's throw away, a group of gay men stood narrating the attempt of a man trolling the lot in a tan sedan to woo the cute man parked in the black S.U.V. with tinted windows backed into a spot.

You could make a case that this is a moralistic story, from either the left or the right. It could be a "What is going on here?" story from an AIDS educator. It could also be a "See what these people are really like?" story from, oh, the Family Research Council. It could also be an stunningly amoral travel-page piece. What think ye, readers?

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