Clean baptisms?

baptizingWhat a great read The Associated Press's Roger Alford provided for us this morning. I forget, being a Presbyterian and a city dweller, that water pollution is not an issue exclusively for fishermen and nature lovers. I say kudos to Alford for his work in digging up this piece -- that includes some interchurch conflict over baptism at the end -- and doing some quality research as well. Here's the heart of the story:

These Protestants believe full immersion in water for professing youths and adults is a necessity, and that there's no better place for Christianity's initiation rite than the great outdoors.

"We were raised that way," said Susie Hall, who was baptized with her husband by Dawson in Johns Creek earlier this year. "I feel closer to God in nature."

But these days, the tradition is threatened in eastern Kentucky by rampant water pollution resulting from so-called straight piping of sewage into streams.

It's a quality story about real people with real concerns that affect their religious practices.

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