Ch-ch-ch-changes at GetReligion

printingpressI have been missing in action today, but for a reason. It was my first day working at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities on the project now called the Washington Journalism Center. It's a full-semester journalism education program growing out of the decade-long Summer Institute of Journalism (some info here).This is the teaching post that recently brought me and my family back to Beltway land. But, as Jeremy noted yesterday, August 1 is a day for some other changes here at GetReligion. Young master Lott is taking a solid three months away from Washington media life to write his book, which is currently titled In Defense of Hypocrisy. Before he vanishes, I do hope he will offer us an epistle giving us a hint what this book will be about. The young man does have some edge.

The Rt. Rev. Douglas LeBlanc is also poised to move into a new media post in the Anglican world and I will let him explain that himself. Suffice it to say that he will be spending much of his time on the other side of a reporter's notebook, working with reporters rather than merely as a report. Let me go on the record that I do hope he gets to keep his column at Episcopal Life. Diversity is a good thing.

As a result, Doug is moving into a managing editor role here at GR. He will still be our go-to tech guy, continuing the work he has done since day one. He will focus his writing on religion coverage in mainstream news magazines, which will give him more flexibility with when and what he writes. Any ideas on what magazines he should stress, other than the obvious newsweeklies?

We will also be gaining the talents of a young writer named Daniel Pulliam who works at Government Executive, which is linked to the National Journal family. Daniel will stress foreign news and Internet publications. I will let him offer some biographical information. However, I will note that there are apples that do not fall far from journalistic trees.

As for me, there is much to do before the Washington Journalism Center opens its doors in the fall of 2006. Meanwhile, I will continue to be senior editor here at GetReligion, with an emphasis on domestic issues and rock music (same as always). I certainly expect to be more involved in media life in Washington, as the religion columnist for the Scripps Howard News Service and in projects linked to the world of blogging.

As always, please let us know about those MSM ghosts that you see and about publications and networks that you think we need to cover. We welcome your help.

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