What's really the matter with Kansas?

WizardAndCurtainThere may be no news whatsoever from this bizarre tip. But can you afford to take that chance? Are you editors demanding a new, creative religion angle on the Sixth Coming of Harry Potter? Are you tired of chasing evangelicals who are still worried about the occult and elitists who have tired of this family friendly, populist entertainment fad?

What if the real story of the moral decline in Western Civilization could be found elsewhere?

Yes, Catholic uber-blogger Amy Welborn at Open Book is on the case. The shattering question on her mind: "Can we talk about The Wizard of Oz?" Pay no attention to that not-so-powerful man behind the curtain.

I'm sure you've thought about this too -- no all-powerful Wizard, just a little man behind the curtain, tricking everyone. No need to really have anything real within -- just believe that you have a brain, a heart and courage, and take on the external signs, and you're there, baby.

Does Focus on the Family know about this?

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