Reaching tmatt (but not today)

high elevation blue ridgeA personal note from the DotCom Cafe in beautiful Burnsville, N.C. I had to come in this a.m. to ship the column to Scripps Howard News Service. Next stop -- Mitford. Anyone get the reference?

From time to time, people write to ask how to send us stuff (while promising not to be cyber stalkers) for personal reactions. In my case, it just became a lot easier to tell people how to reach me. All you have to do is look up the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, where I am moving next week to start work on a semester-length journalism program. This is growing out of the 11-year-old Summer Institute of Journalism project.

All you have to do to reach me now is consult the contact us information at and that's that. Thanks! Now back to the mountains.

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