More on the doctor and his lunch

During my travels, I have continued to follow the lively comments thread on the Krishna Rajanna case and the MSM vs. niche coverage of his Affordable Medical and Surgical Services business in Kansas City, Kan. Much of the conservative coverage has, of course, been driven by that site that millions love and millions more love to hate -- WorldNetDaily. This is, of course, the essence of an agenda-driven news institution. You take what you find there with a grain of salt, then look elsewhere for other coverage. At least that is what I do. Same thing for any culture-wars coverage I see in The New York Times.

The question is not so much what Rajanna is or is not doing at lunch. The question is whether the MSM professionals have even investigated the claims of the people involved in the turmoil about his lunch habits, and lots of other gross details about his business. Normally, when secondhand information of this kind surfaces, you see it confirmed or shot down. Silence is normally not the default media choice.

Meanwhile, here is a link to the controversial photos (PDF) of the doctor's office and some of the contents of his refrigerator -- where unborn children in plastic cups were stored side by side with, well, his perfectly legal lunch items.

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