A word from li'l ol' neocon conservative Democrat me

I am in Washington, D.C., at the moment up to my eyebrows in the first few days of the 11th annual Summer Institute of Journalism here at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities -- about a 10-minute walk from the U.S. Capitol. See this if that interests you. I am, however, having quite a bit of trouble getting online enough to do serious blog work. I hope this note makes it online. WiFi is a blessing and a curse, at times.

It is interesting being here and getting to read The Washington Post as my daily newspaper. There is so much there on which to comment, since this is a paper that is clearly making an attempt to take religious news more seriously. I hope I do not bore you with too much Beltway stuff in the month ahead, while I am here temporarily, and then after August 1, when I start work here full time.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying your comments on the "find your label" thread. Thus, to keep a good thing going, and in response to on the record and private suggestions from readers, why not click here and give a different political-template survey a try. Hey, I didn't know I was Jewish!

Does anyone know of any other similar online surveys we might want to try out, in the quest for self-discovery? Any that seem to take the pew gap more seriously?

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