Shameless plug for another friend

Barbara Nicolosi is one of those people who cannot escape the basic journalistic description of who she is. She is your basic ex-nun turned Hollywood screenwriter. She also cranks out a wonderful blog called Church of the Masses. She has, in the recent past, ended up on the other side of a reporter's notebook in interviews with Daily Variety and The New York Times. She shares her impressions of these interviews in her typically candid fashion. Here is a sample of the give and take:

I said to the Daily Variety guy, "You aren't trying to narrowly define me so you can dismiss me, are you?" When it happened yesterday with the Times I got a little more annoyed. "Did you ask the Hollywood pagans you are interviewing for this story that question?" Both journalists demurred in extravagant terms. They were just "collecting context" for their pieces. But then, the Times guy came back insistently, "Would you characterize yourself as right or left of center?"

I liked both the journalists, and they liked me. The Variety guy asked me if he and I could have coffee someday soon, just to talk about a whole lot of things. The Times guy said, "This has been a fun interview. You're not a regular Christian, are you?" I said to him, "Why, because you like me, and that doesn't fit with your prejudice about my people?" He said to me, "You don't sound like some other Christians I have interviewed." I couldn't resist coming back with, "That's because we are a diverse people, not chained by politically correct dogma."

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