This award goes to . . .

The job of the GetReligion crew is to judge media coverage, for good or for ill. The smaller the story, the easier that is to accomplish. But then you have these massive media events and what do you do with those? Here's my idea. (And I'm speaking for myself here, not the non-Borg.) I think we could hand out awards for best and worst coverage of big religion media events and invite readers to chirp in with their own nominations. For instance, in the election of Pope Benedict XVI, I would start with the following awards: Strangest Typo goes to an unknown copy elf at The New York Times for translating the document Dominus Iesus ("Lord Jesus") as "Dominus Jesus."

Best Bitter Summation goes to -- who else? -- Times columnist Maureen Dowd for writing that B-16's election means "the cafeteria is officially closed."

Best Playing-it-Straight Hed That Doesn't Induce Sleep goes to The Washington Post for "Church Turns to Its Guardian of the Faith."

Readers, what do you think of this idea?

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