That time of year?

Everywhere I turn this week, reproduction and contraception are in the news. Maybe it's the Spring factor (enemy of people with allergies and all haters of public displays of affection) or maybe the death and funeral of the pope have set off a few moral tremors. Who knows? Item: New York senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has promised to block a Senate floor vote in the new nominee for head of the Food and Drug Administration until he agrees to rule on the proposal to make "Plan B," the "morning after" pill, available over the counter. Item: Slate's Dahlia Lithwick threw a hissy fit over the wave of cases where pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions for the pill -- either the pre-emptive variety or the morning after edition. Item: Economist Steven D. Levitt's new book Freakonomics is getting a lot of mileage out of Levitt's old charge that abortion reduces crime (by eliminating a lot of would-be criminals). "Ahem!" says movie critic/crack statistics guy Steve Sailer.

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