Hey Hillary, is this legislation pro-life?

Democrats for Life.gifNow here is an interesting media-relations question. What does it mean when a group of Democrats gets together to announce a package of legislation and the press conference merits a wave of coverage from the Christian Communication Network, the Conservative Voice and LifeNews.com, but the event receives no coverage at all -- zero, zip, nada -- in the MSM? Well, I would guess that might happen if the group holding the press conference is Democrats For Life.

Still, there is no question that the topic is newsworthy. I mean, even Hillary Clinton has talked about this subject and people like Andrew Sullivan have noticed this. If this is a real story, then it should end up affecting legislation. Right?

So here is a clip from the LifeNews.com report by Steven Ertelt:

Democrats for Life of America joined Reps. Tim Ryan (Ohio), Bart Stupak (Michigan) and Lincoln Davis (Tennessee) at a press conference Friday to announce the "95-10 Initiative" -- a plan to reduce abortions 95 percent in the next 10 years.

Kristen Day, director of DFLA, said the plan was "a legitimate policy initiative that will actually reduce the number of abortions." She said it "has been met favorably by both pro-life and pro-choice advocates and elected officials."

The initiative outlines 17 different policy programs designed to empower and promote women as well as protect unborn children. Some of those include a national toll-free number for pregnancy support, studying why women have abortions, funding daycare on college campuses, increasing funding for domestic violence programs, and making adoption tax credits permanent.

And so forth and so on. Obviously, there are critics of such an effort on the right as well as on the left. It's a hot topic and compromise will be hard. After all, this effort would require proposing laws that involve tax dollars, adoption, birth control, daycare and a host of other sensitive moral, religious and political subjects. It would mean finding middle ground.

To me, that sounds like an interesting story. It looks like you will have to go to a niche news site to read about it.

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