CNN and the heart of the pope story

Is there anyone else out there who would like an update on the status of that CNN International report about the future location of the heart of Pope John Paul II? While everyone else talked about the hopes and dreams of Polish leaders, CNN posted this:

KRAKOW, Poland (CNN) -- The city that captured the heart of Pope John Paul II long before he followed his calling into the priesthood may become the final resting place of his physical heart, a Roman Catholic church official in Krakow has told CNN.

That's a stunningly powerful lead, if it's true. What happened to that? Might it happen in the future? If so, as Peggy "Friend of this Blog" Noonan wrote, beginning with a reference to the chants when the pope first returned to Poland:

John Paul gave us what may be the transcendent public spiritual moment of the 20th century. "We want God." The greatest and most authentic cry of the human heart. They say he asked that his heart be removed from his body and buried in Poland. That sounds right, and I hope it's true. They'd better get a big box.

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