You knew this was coming

I meant to put this up earlier, but decided not to double up on the Rt. Rev. LeBlanc's latest Ashley Smith post. Veteran USA Today religion scribe Cathy Lynn Grossman landed the interview that everyone knew was coming sooner or later -- with Purpose-Driven Pastor Rick Warren. As it turns out, he has been counseling Smith via telephone and email, although that took some doing since he was in Africa. Africa is also the beneficiary of many, many of the dollars he has earned with his best-selling books. There are other crisp details in the story, which can be found in the Christianity Today weblog guide to the Smith story. Here is a choice quote from Grossman's short but newsy story: "Warren steered any credit back to God and the Bible. "There's not a single new thought in Purpose-Driven Life that hasn't been said in historic Christianity or Judaism. I'm just a communicator for the 21st century."

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