I take this piece, by the Canadian LifeSite, to be a reproduction from The Interim, the Toronto-based "pro-life, pro-family newspaper." That would account for the odd dateline ("CYBERSPACE") and for the author's feeling it necessary to explain the terms blogs, bloggers and blogrolls. The piece announces a "BlogsForTerri" attack plan; an effort by like-minded pro-life bloggers to save Florida's Terri Schiavo -- a brain-damaged woman who is caught in a legal tug of war -- from death by starvation and dehydration.

(Backstory: Terri's husband Michael has tried repeatedly to have her plug pulled, claiming that she is a vegetable whose brain is already long gone. Terri's parents agree that she has suffered severe brain damage but dispute that she is effectively gone and would like to have custody of her so that they can take care of what is left of their daughter.)

Specifically, the bloggers want to (1) raise $10,000 to take out an informative ad in the St. Petersburg Times; (2) conduct two large-scale e-mail campaigns to try to generate one million pro-Terri e-mails to the Florida legislature; (3) have a tightly coordinated effort to get out the facts of the case.

The LifeSite piece notes some bloggers, such as Fr. Rob Johansen, have been on this beat for some time. The piece specifically singles out Fr. Johansen for having occasionally "contradicted or clarified mainstream media's often imprecise pronouncements."

For his part Fr. Johansen believes that next week will be a make-or-break time for Terri Schiavo. Whether through "Providence or merely coincidence," Johansen will be in Florida when what could be the final, final, final ruling comes down.

If that happens, then the latest campaign to "save Terri" would seem a little too late in coming. But I've given up trying to predict how this case will end. A year and a half ago, a piece I wrote on this subject began,

The countdown began at two o'clock on Wednesday, October 15th. That was when Florida Judge George W. Greer's cease-feeding order went into effect. Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed and most observers give her 10 to 14 days tops. She will shortly begin to die of starvation and dehydration.

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