God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson

On Thursday I asked if anyone recognized the church featured in the ill-fated "lusty cleric" Super Bowl TV ad for the Lincoln Mark LT pickup. Thanks to Tim at Random Observations, here is the answer: It's La Verne (Calif.) United Methodist Church. This isn't the church's first brush with fame -- or, for that matter, with comical depictions of lust. GetReligion readers may remember it as the site of a pivotal scene in The Graduate, in which Benjamin rescues Elaine. (Tim also points us to this webpage, which explores the background of many key Graduate scenes.)

Another GetReligion reader, Andy of Rest Across the River, remembered the church from a scene in Wayne's World 2 (in which Wayne attempts to stop a wedding but goes to the wrong Presbyterian church).

Internet Movie Database lists these movies (in addition to The Graduate and Wayne's World 2) as shooting on location in La Verne: Bubble Boy, Inventing the Abbotts, The Magic Christmas Tree, Torque and Uncle Sam.

Worship at La Verne United Methodist (here is its bare-bones description on the denomination's website) and you'll see part of showbiz history.

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