Ghost in the British white flight story?

It was one of the most interesting stories in Great Britain this last week. No, no, no, not that story.

Not even this one.

I'm talking about that Migrationwatch UK report containing the giant religion ghost that the MSM over there did not want to deal with (unless I am missing something with my online searches).

Here is the full text of a Nic Cecil story in The Sun. Read it all, then we can play spot the ghost.

Tens of thousands of white families are pouring out of UK cities as immigrants move in, a controversial new report claims. The exodus is creating an increasingly divided society, says the study for independent think-tank Migrationwatch UK.

It found that 600,000 more people left London for the regions between 1993-2002 than arrived in the capital from elsewhere in Britain. Those moving out were believed to be mainly white. In the same decade, the number of immigrants arriving in London went up by 726,000.

Migrationwatch said there were similar changes in Manchester and Birmingham. Chairman Sir Andrew Green said: "The development of increasingly parallel societies in some of our major cities is extremely undesirable. Government immigration policy is exacerbating this trend."

The report follows a study for the Greater London Authority last year which showed the proportion of whites in London fell by almost eight per cent in the 1990s.

Want another clue? Here is a BBC report on the same subject. What's missing in this scenario? The ghost is not the whole story, but it is certainly part of the story.

Spot the ghost?

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