The U.N. proposes, Amazon disposes

Stung by charges that the U.S. is being "stingy" with the amount of foreign aid to alleviate the suffering of the thousands of victims of the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean, bellicose bloggers such as Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds have directed readers to a donations page at Amazon and advised them to do their worst.

The Internet mega-retailer set the page up to funnel money to the Red Cross. Amazon even has a good pitch for people looking for an end-of-the-year write-off:

If your donation is $250 or more, will provide your name, billing address and donation amount to the American Red Cross and the American Red Cross will provide you with a receipt for your donation.

The results so far have been heartening: As of 5:37 p.m. West Coast Time, 9,369 donors had coughed up $437,953.21. If you have a few minutes to kill, follow the link and periodically hit "refresh." If you have a few bucks that you wouldn't mind parting with, even better.

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