BonoSNLThere's been no mainstream media coverage of the moment yet, but Bono threw down another gauntlet for the FCC on Saturday Night Live this weekend. During the show's closing credits, and while riffing on U2's chestnut "I Will Follow," Bono mounted an audience member's lap and began thrusting.

Several blogs are abuzz about the show, describing U2's set as "re-legitimizing music on Saturday Night Live" or simply the "Best SNL Performance Ever."

On a religion note, Bono recently put in a good word for "the religious instinct" in an interview with Jon Parales of The New York Times. But he also offered the standard disclaimer about what his faith is not:

"To have faith in a time of religious fervor is a worry. And, you know, I do have faith, and I'm worried about even the subject because of the sort of fanaticism that is the next-door neighbor of faith. The trick in the next few years will be not to decry the religious instinct, but to accept that this is a hugely important part of people's lives. And at the same time to be very wary of people who believe that theirs is the only way. Unilateralism before God is dangerous."

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