Taking the pledge

Uberblogger Jeff Jarvis' Post-Election Peace Pledge expresses what I've been hoping to see for some time now: A nonpartisan willingness to place the commonweal ahead of ideological purity. The commitment is straightforward:

After the election results are in, I promise to:

: Support the President, even if I didn't vote for him.

: Criticize the President, even if I did vote for him.

: Uphold standards of civilized discourse in blogs and in media while pushing both to be better.

: Unite as a nation, putting country over party, even as we work together to make America better.

The only explicit religion angle to the pledge comes in Jarvis' update:

Commenters ask me what I mean by "support." Right question. I do not mean blind support, love-it-or-leave-it support, with-him-or-against-him support. I mean acknowledging that the president is the president and especially in a time of war, we need to stand together against our enemies -- namely, Islamofascist terrorists -- and not act, as too many have during this administration (and the one before it) that the enemy is in the White House. No, we're on the same side.

I happily sign on to the pledge, and I invite GetReligion's readers to criticize me if I stray from it.

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