The exit door?

A few months ago there was this. As an Orthodoxer myself, I am still not quite sure how I feel about seeing the words "Prince Charles" and "Mount Athos" in the same sentence every now and then. Might he convert? What does his non-wife say? Now (tip of the hat to CT's weblog) there is this spin on an old report, in part based on the status of the prime minister's family. Here is the money paragraph:

"Fr Timothy Russ, whose parish includes Chequers, disclosed that Mr Blair, an Anglican, had raised the question of conversion with him and said: 'If you ask me do you think he wants to become a Catholic, I would say yes.' Fr. Russ indicated, however, that he did not believe that Mr Blair would take such a step while Prime Minister and suggested that he had 'some way to go' on important moral issues."

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