It's morning in fascist America

Here's David Gates, in the Sept. 20 issue of Newsweek, reviewing Philip Roth's novel The Plot Against America, in which Charles Lindbergh is elected president (as the Republican candidate, naturally) and turns America into a fascist state:

Roth doesn't oversell any parallels between his imaginary 1940s and the real present. But anybody who feels hopeless at the ascendancy of today's Christian right may feel a chill.

Now David Gelernter in the Sept. 13 issue of The Weekly Standard (subscription required), responding to George Soros' comparison of America and Nazi Germany:

Has the Republican Congress decreed a U.S. version of the Nuremberg race laws? Has the administration transformed every American news source into a propaganda machine? Demanded that Jews (or anyone) be fired? That Jewish (or any other kind of) shops, businesses, professionals be boycotted? Propaganda posters everywhere? Students thrown out of schools? Secret police grabbing people off the streets? Children urged to inform on parents? All opposition parties banned? Churches harassed? A "Bush Youth" that every "Aryan" boy must join? Storm-troopers holding torchlight parades, singing hate-mongering war songs? Gigantic communal fines levied against Jews (or anyone else)? State-sponsored pogroms? Massive regimentation and rearmament? A führer cult and special schools to train disciples? Brutal suppression of all regime opponents? No? Actually America under Bush resembles Nazi Germany in no way whatsoever, isn't that so?

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