About Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott has written about religion for many periodicals, from The Washington Post to Christianity Today to the late great Linguafranca. He is a contributing editor to Books & Culture and his feature story on the Christian culture industry, "Jesus Sells," was collected in The Best Christian Writing 2004. His career so far includes stints at several magazines, from Reason to The American Spectator, and his journalism has appeared in a number of foreign publications in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Jeremy is a convert to the Catholic Church. He divides his time between Lynden, Washington, a small Dutch Reformed town near the Canadian border, and Fairfax, Virginia. His bachelor's diploma in biblical studies from Trinity Western University arrived in the mail after he accidentally graduated.

Jeremy wrote for GetReligion from September 2004 to July 2005. He is now writing a book about hypocrisy.

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