Back in the door: GetReligion cut off in Korea?

Just back in the door from Turkey and Greece and I am way, way jet-lagged. But there is always all of that back email to triage. I will post tomorrow with my observations of a long layover today in a London lounge, mostly spent looking for religion ghosts in all those edgy, diverse British newspapers.

But first, this just in from a reader.

If anyone else out there has ideas about how to handle these kinds of things, please let us know.

Messrs. Mattingly and LeBlanc,

I thought it might interest you to know that is now censored by the South Korean government.

In an effort to keep video and images of Kim Seon-il's beheading from entering the country, the government has shut down numerous websites including livejournal, blogspot, and typepad. Neither I nor any of your other readers in Korea have been able to read GetReligion for several days now, and this is likely to continue indefinitely.

I actually don't know too much about the situation-- pertinent websites are blocked -- but I believe that (which I can't access) has more of the details. I suppose this doesn't actually have anything to do with religion and the press (though Kim Seon-il hoped to be a missionary in Iraq), but perhaps it's pertinent in some manner.

Also, if it's possible for me to receive GetReligion updates via email, I'm (private email address) and sure would appreciate it.

Covertly, James Hargrave

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