Anyone out there in radioland taking notes?

This is one of those days when I had a column to write and classes to teach (and tonight is a massive pre-Holy Week choir practice). So I am following the link to Air America a bit, but not much. I hope that at least a few of our readers out there are listening with notepads in hand so they can share with us there reactions to any religious and/or moral issues that come up in these new programs.

It sounds like, for example, that the bill on violence against the unborn will be a major topic. That could feed back into the "What Would JFK do" thread on this blog.

I also predict that it will not be long, in the world of satire, that we have "Left Behind" riffs started, or simply material on George W. Bush's fundamentalist dark side. How can the religion side of the same-sex marriages story be kept under wraps? (Cue: Theme song for "As Canterbury Turns.")

We might even see the whole "Da Vinci Vote" scene open up. I still love that concept. The "Da Vinci Vote." Doesn't that just trip off the tongue in a delightful way. Humor me, folks. Imagine if that movie was coming out before election day.

So take some notes. Write something up. Just do it.

And always remember that this isn't really a blog about religion. It's a blog about how the media (entertainment media, even) deal with religious issues and information. Talk radio is valid turf for us to discuss.

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