Lovers in a dangerous time

Dallas Voice weighs in with a report about Matthew Bass, who says he was forced out of Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary after administrators asked if he was gay. The most striking detail: Bass told the administrators that whether he was gay was none of their business.

Nevertheless, Bass made clear to Dallas Voice -- The Community Newspaper for Gay & Lesbian Dallas -- that he is indeed gay, and has felt God's increased blessings on his life since coming out.

Let's follow this, then: Bass has been out of the closet since early 2003, but the administrators of Baylor have no business asking him to confirm what he has announced to tout le monde?

The former seminarian's description of the Baylor campus reveals similar paradoxes. "Sexuality cannot be discussed openly at Baylor," the report says authoritatively (a search of the university's website says otherwise), but that hasn't stopped Bass from discerning that "600-700 Baylor students, at minimum, are gay."

That's quite a plethora of covert discussions about sexuality!

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