In, in, beloved Spot

Not only has The Revealer raised questions about what content is, or is not, fair game on this blog, but now the web czar at is questioning the size of the beat we will walk. So let me state on the record: Doug LeBlanc can write about the life and times of his magnificent and beloved cat, Spot, if he chooses of his own free will (we are not Borg and we are not Calvinists) to do so. I do believe that cat-lovers are, in fact, recognized as a religious sect in large parts of the world. Cult, even.

I even request that Doug post a picture of The Cat with this item.

On a personal note, let me also say that it never entered my mind that readers would think that, in my Britney item, I was actually calling for more invasive forms of celebrity coverage on the Godbeat. Please! I do not want to see Tim LaHaye on a beach somewhere.

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