Attention editors and film critics: Cue the Jaws theme

Oh my. The following paragraphs from a new report by Variety are just what the mainstream media want to hear right now. Cue the theme from Jaws as Gibson takes a look into the future.

As for what he'll do after resting a while in his hammock, Gibson hinted there were myriad other stories in the Bible that deserve celluloid treatment.

"There are good stories in that book -- it's worth looking into them."

You know, there is a comic book version of the Samson story out there. The action and dialogue -- muscles, martial arts, seduction and torture -- might be right up Gibson's alley.

Sample dialogue: "Oh Lord God! Hear me please. Give me strength this one last time. I am prepared! You strengthen me, oh Lord! ... Now let me die here with the Philistines!" What happens next is painted in giant, ragged, screaming letters that say "GRRUUNN," "CRAACCKK," "AAAIIIEEE" and one final "WHUMP!"

There might be a role in that movie for Frank Rich.

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