Wait, Jim Romenesko is new editor of Religion News Service? Nope, but welcome Jerome Socolovsky
Socolovsky, what is his background? RNS' press release on his appointment provides details: (RNS) Jerome Jerome Socolovsky Wait, Jim Romenesko is new editor of Religion News Service? Nope, but welcome Jerome Socolovsky Jerome Socolovsky (whose last name I am copying and pasting to avoid any spelling mishaps Socolovsky, an award-winning journalist with experience at some of the world’s leading media
Weekday think piece: Deseret News on why religion news is getting more important
News Service, Jerome Socolovsky understands the reasons behind the Boston Globe’s recent decision Jerome Socolovsky
Final 2016 yearenders: The Atlantic on religion and politics; RNS mourns sad, sad, tragic year
Jerome Socolovsky than Religion News Service and this ashes 'r us yearender by editor Jerome Socolovsky that ran with
Religion News Service fallout III -- A press release sheds neither heat nor light
Jerome Socolovsky with Jerome Socolovsky, while waiting an entire week to inform them of the reason for their firing
Editor and publisher news at Religion News Service: Note strategic silences on Twitter, right now
Jerome Socolovsky from the wire service's now-former editor, Jerome Socolovsky. Concerned readers will want to read from the wire service's now-former editor, Jerome Socolovsky. Concerned readers will want to read the
Another shoe drops: Jonathan Merritt calls it quits at Religion News Service
former editor-in-chief Jerome Socolovsky, after clashes with publisher Tom Gallagher, who is best Jerome Socolovsky
Flashback 2015: New Religion News Service editor goes global (PBS looks to 2016)
. Over at Religion News Service, Jerome Socolovsky -- the wire service's the new editor -- offered a Jerome Socolovsky
Friday Five: RNS council, execution witness, McCarrick scandal, gamer pastor and more
Jerome Socolovsky editor in chief Jerome Socolovsky (now with NPR) and the resignations of other key staff and
The reason Religion News Service covered the Democrats this week and not the GOP last week
. But RNS editor in chief Jerome Socolovsky, who joined RNS less than a year and has been open to
Monday Mix: #RNA2018, Hurricane Florence faith, Botham Jean justice, Beth Moore vs. Trump
Socolovsky and the resignations of Kimberly Winston and Lauren Markoe at Religion News Service Jerome Socolovsky group’s board this past weekend. “In our opinion, recent events — especially the firing of Jerome earlier this year when Religion News Service’s former editor in chief, Jerome Socolovsky, was fired. For
Friday Five: RNS turmoil, Chick-fil-A (again), where would Jesus park and a prayer for OKC Thunder
respected colleagues such as Jerome Socolovsky, Lauren Markoe and Kimberly Winston Ligocki losing Jerome Socolovsky
RNS meltdown II: New media reports, new details and Lilly Endowment confirms $4.9 million grant
-chief Jerome Socolovsky, who worked 12 years at AP and knows the system there well, remains a mystery Jerome Socolovsky -in-chief Jerome Socolovsky, copy editor Mary Gladstone, national reporter Yonat Shimron, production
RNS analysis: How America's one religion wire service melted down over a long weekend (Part I)
-in-chief Jerome Socolovsky, national correspondent Kimberly Winston Ligocki, managing editor Lauren Jerome Socolovsky is there were attempts to have a phone conference with (Socolovsky)” before the firing. “Jerome was under the leadership of editor Jerome Socolovsky, a former religion reporter for Voice of America under the leadership of editor Jerome Socolovsky, a religion reporter for Voice of America and a
Religion News Service -- irreplaceable and rocked by turmoil -- faces key journalistic issues
Jerome Socolovsky ouster of top editor Jerome Socolovsky, a former AP foreign correspondent. The CEO of both RNS and
Breaking: Babylon Bee buys RNS, will publish mix of fake and real news (SATIRE)
new RNS editor Jerome Socolovsky: GetReligion, of course, focuses on media coverage of religion news
Huffington Post losing its religion: What's up as key staffers leave and news org drops RNS?
website may be losing its religion. Literally. Jerome Socolovsky, editor in chief of Religion News Service
Friday Five: Clergy sex abuse, spot the ghost, shuttered revival, Botham Jean, #RNA2018 and more
with RNS, the wire service where Jerome Socolovsky was fired as editor in April and veteran Godbeat Jerome Socolovsky
Friday Five: New editor for RNS, Sutherland Springs gunman's wife, Pennsylvania grand jury and more
Jerome Socolovsky Nearly four months after the firing of Jerome Socolovsky, Religion News Service has hired a new
Baseball ghostbusters: Digging deeper into the faith of Texas Rangers third base coach who beat cancer
editor in chief Jerome Socolovsky — and he bit. The result was a piece in which I was able to answer
Parade of 2016 yearenders: Religion News Service publishes its own 'best of' list
and Jerome Socolovsky | November 9, 2016 WASHINGTON (RNS) “We fully expect him to keep his pledge … to
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