Dang it, that Ravens executive keeps spouting Godtalk
man in football. Today O.J. Brigance has limbs that hang limp, his muscles withered. He can move only O.J. Brigance, a former linebacker who continues to work for the team despite being ravaged by . Yet as his second Super Bowl looms, Brigance, 43, appears stronger than ever, and that lifts the title element be included? Talk to O.J. Brigance about football or life, and like it or not, he'll raise the fit his situation better. "[God] says, 'My power is made perfect in weakness,'" Brigance said O.J. Brigance
Baltimore Sun ignores religion ghosts in Maryland debates on 'death with dignity' bill
the debates about this hot-button moral issue? First, here is what readers were told about Brigance . While Israel is spending his final months fighting for the right to end his life, Brigance says and cultural authority. Thus, I was not surprised that Baltimore Ravens executive O.J. Brigance, a a ripple effect of goodness in the world," Brigance said. "Since being diagnosed, I have done a . While Israel is spending his final months fighting for the right to end his life, Brigance says his terminal disease brought meaning to his. O.J. Brigance . However, I was surprised that Brigance -- one of the most outspoken Christians on the Raven's
NFL star's tragic loss: It's hard to talk about family-man Todd Heap without mentioning the obvious ...
the faith element crucial in Brigance reference? There is more too that then the reference to this O.J. Brigance . Brigance, the former Raven who is dealing with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, tweeted his
Not your usual sports & God story
. Brigance is playing in the lives of players with the underdog Baltimore Ravens. The team's dying. Only he believes he will be the first to survive. "They say I have two to five years," Brigance . Eventually it will kill him. It has no cure. To those who see Brigance every day it is clear he is through the experience of weakness. Thus, read this passage about Brigance and his trials: There is an leave doctors puzzled. But in this case, it seems that Brigance is bravely charging ahead in a way
Ravens believer speaks -- uncensored
known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. The charity that he helps lead -- called the "Brigance Brigade , articulate atheists as it does for traditional believers, like Brigance. All you need is a reporter Hopkins Hospital. The second unique factor in this lengthy question-and-answer feature is that Brigance reasons. First of all, Baltimore Ravens executive O.J. Brigance is not the kind of guy who is given disease that remains undefeated. Brigance is fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), most commonly
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