Bam: Chaput boycotts the NYT
make them a habit," Chaput said. "Understand believers and their institutions as they understand Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput addressed the Religion Newswriters Association conference in Bam: Chaput boycotts the NYT recordings to prove it. "It's The New York Times' editorial policy that I'm interpreting," Chaput call when Archbishop Jose Gomez was chosen as Los Angeles archbishop. Chaput said that Times reporter said. "I made a judgment based on experience." Goodstein said she did not know Chaput was boycotting
Archbishop Chaput analyzes the media
theology, life and identity." Chaput had good words for the role of the media in public life and said Archbishop Chaput analyzes the media Yesterday Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput addressed a gathering of top religion journalists at the of interest to readers of this blog. Chaput had quite a bit of praise for his personal dealings risks making politics a religion by marginalizing the Church, Archbishop Chaput says" that is sure to be Report had brief mentions of Chaput's remarks but Catholic News Agency had a lengthy article, "Media
Is Chaput too Catholic for the Inky?
political debates. My point is that it is impossible to write about who Chaput actually is without about these issues all of the time. Alas, it is also possible to only pay attention to Chaput's , that I have known Archbishop Charles Chaput ever since he was an urban pastor and college campus Is Chaput too Catholic for the Inky? States Conference of Catholic Bishops, many other prelates condemned the policy. But Chaput's attack ," Chaput wrote, lambasting it as "the embodiment of a culture war." Taking their cues from the United
Archbishop Chaput 'thunders' away, on doctrine
career of this particular Franciscan (frequent GetReligion readers know that I have known Chaput for Archbishop Chaput 'thunders' away, on doctrine predictable, piece marking the end of Chaput's first year in Philadelphia, a roller-coaster 12 months in Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has argued against putting him to death. It's hard to miss the knife Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia passed into his hands, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput is arguably Well, there goes that Archbishop Charles Chaput guy again, "thundering" away at his flock on a Well, there goes that Archbishop Charles Chaput guy again, “thundering” away at his flock on a matter of Catholic doctrine.
Yes, it's time for a Times Chaput interview
Sandro Magister. This is a pretty straightforward news story to report. Chaput is in. Cardinal Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver as Cardinal Rigali’s replacement. The Vatican did not explain Yes, it's time for a Times Chaput interview (naturally) the first in-depth interview with Chaput and it is a four-course meal, in terms of news content clergy-abuse scandals. Most newspapers would emphasize what is new, which is Chaput's arrival. However Benedict XVI's decision to move Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput out of the free-swinging West and into Benedict XVI’s decision to move Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput out of the free-swinging West and into the oh-so clerical Northeast.
Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput offers a Catch-22
Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput offers a Catch-22 rather ticklish situation. The opening of Chaput's speech made it clear that he was tired of the press Jean Torkelson: Verbal fisticuffs broke out Tuesday between Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput and a session following Chaput's speech to the City Club of Denver. "If we don't -- you'll impose your views on us," Chaput shot back to murmurs from the group of about 120 business and civic leaders. And so always outspoken Archbishop Charles Chaput addressed the City Club of Denver. It was a lively event, as
After the synod: Was 'confusion' caused by the press, the pope or the devil?
Archbishop Charles Chaput to examine, in the latest clash between a news outlet and Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput Washington, D.C. As always, I will mention that I have known Chaput since his Denver days as a priest and background, here are some links about an earlier clash with The New York Times, in which Chaput circulated a check out this interesting 2009 Chaput speech and dialogue with reporters at the Pew Forum in states, "Archbishop Chaput ‘disturbed’ by Vatican synod debate, says ‘confusion is of the devil
The dance continues: Pope Francis, the U.S. bishops and alleged confusion in the press
Archbishop Charles Chaput "mistake" to rely on the press when parsing the work of the synod. Why? Well, Chaput claims that some Church." That's really harsh and is clearly, in Chaput's analysis, a key source of the "public image your comments on the recent Synod on the Family in Rome. Chaput: Well, first of all, I wasn’t there Chaput of Philadelphia. Next year, Chaput will host the pontiff on his first U.S. visit for the World Chaput quote, once again. It really does help -- as John L. Allen, Jr., noted in Crux commentary
USA Today recycles that out-of-context Chaput quote and other pope riffs
. Allen, Jr., put it this way, speaking of the public reputation of Chaput: Anyone who knows him Archbishop Charles Chaput USA Today recycles that out-of-context Chaput quote and other pope riffs recent Synod on the Family in Rome. Chaput: Well, first of all, I wasn’t there. That’s very significant blowing in the Francis era. Yet Chaput is also a papal loyalist, and the idea that he would publicly with Satan to destroy the Catholic Church. So, once again, what did Archbishop Charles Chaput actually Chaput's opinion, the press. You don't have to agree with him to see that fact, when looking at the
Pod people: Continuing the Elevation Church debate
Archbishop Charles Chaput here at GetReligion focusing on a showdown between Archbishop Charles Chaput (a friend of mine for . Chaput also decided to stop granting interviews with the Times, a decision that I have questioned. I them to tape unto you. I wrote that post after The New York Times ran a piece that Chaput thought
Philly Inquirer stories on fired gay Catholic educator lack some basic questions and answers
Archbishop Charles Chaput people who disagreed with the school but didn’t have one quote -- other than Chaput’s statement it turns out. Archbishop Charles Chaput came out in favor of firing Winters and a mayoral candidate
On blogging, religious liberty and 'bell-ringing homilies'
Charles Chaput. So what is the problem here? Take a look at the top of this USA Today blog post God." In fact, Chaput's sermon never addresses the seven (church-bulletin insert here as .pdf enough to be exempt from government mandates. The problem -- if this is a news report -- is that Chaput's Archbishop Charles Chaput -- Fortnight for Freedom Closing Homily from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo. Every Chaput brought theological fireworks in a bell-ringing homily on the Affordable Care Act as an enemy of Archbishop Charles Chaput — Fortnight for Freedom Closing Homily from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.
Hardliners and skeptics on the Godbeat
, though, was that the Washington Post didn't cover Chaput's words except to respond to them. It's A week or so ago, Archbishop Charles Chaput gave a speech at a special World Youth Day session for issues about which the church has a say. Chaput, recently moved from Denver to Philadelphia, is a defensively to Chaput, had thought a bit more about the comparison and whether there's anything to learn from Chaput's words. interesting to note how they responded, which might be summed up as "You're darn right, Chaput, we will
Pod people: Boycotts and puppies
Several of you felt passionately about Archbishop Charles Chaput's boycott on the New York Times Several of you felt passionately about Archbishop Charles Chaput’s boycott on the New York Times
'Conservative' Vatican 'hardliner' or 'Evangelical' Catholic?
," Chaput said. "But I'd call myself responsive to the issues. I try to be outspoken about what is asked see the Denver Post's Eric Gorski with an exclusive interview of Chaput. It was trademark Gorski overview of the stories in the Catholic press. And he revisited the dustup between Chaput and the New York Archbishop Charles J. Chaput had been named the new archbishop of Philadelphia. Tmatt had a great -- balanced approach but informative and with interesting quotes. So, for instance: Chaput also made
That's mighty Native American of you!
criticism of their own failures. Now, it's pretty white of Chaput to include "many bishops" on his side II and Unsecular Media: Making News of Religion in America. We've discussed Chaput's address to Chaput's address was this: One of the worst habits many Catholics had at the start of the clergy sex . I thought that Chaput offered constructive criticism of the media and really elevated the Apparently Archbishop Charles Chaput struck a nerve with Mark Silk, professor of Religion in Public
The pro-life Democrat and the archbishop
unintended pregnancies, and that is his goal." Calling out Ritter is in keeping with Chaput's belief out. Chaput wrote his thoughts out in a column for the Denver Catholic Register. Rather than quoting only from the parts critical of Ritter -- as many reporters would do -- Gorski mentions that Chaput about how Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput feels about the plan (he's not a fan) and Ritter's defense of same. It's easy in a story like this to demonize Chaput or Ritter, but Gorski gives both camps
Flash! Vatican opposes birth control
trust him on stuff of greater significance? Someone send him Chaput's remarks, STAT. Apart from whether , Chaput suggested a variety of reasons for bad reporting. I wonder if some of those he listed, such as On the same day that Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput was critiquing media coverage of the
When religion reporters cover politics
. On the governor's race, Chaput said he is pleased by some things he hears and worried about others some flexibility." I love how Gorski fleshes out Chaput's full positions rather than snipping off dignity and a commitment to the common good," Chaput said. "But working that out with policy, there's neither does he de-emphasize its importance for Chaput and Catholic voters. Another nice and helpful piece. issues on which the church takes positions. Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput (pictured) declined to
GetReligionistas with burning ears
, they're hard to ignore. Sometimes accused of being a traditionalist, Chaput is actually a very 21st memorable occasion Chaput boldly went where few religious leaders have dared to go, simply by publishing the , Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver refuses to remain the quiet shepherd of a flock in an obscure time zone ." Here's Allen's main point, focusing on Chaput's work as an "an evangelist, an opinion-maker, a writer and speaker." Usually seen as a strong conservative, Chaput can be polarizing because he takes clear
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